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Hi, I’m Robin J Emdon, coach, father of two magnificent boys, student, entrepreneur, marketer and founder of this site. I’ve trained extensively with world class leader and coach, Tony Robbins and I am proficient in NLP* and NAC*  

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“Wealth Starts In The Mind!”

Coach Robin J Emdon works with his team members (and a handful of select clients*) to enhance their performance, mostly in the context of business partnerships, feedback, mentoring, counselling, webinars and coaching calls. Coaching delves into limiting behaviours and highlights the incongruencies and contradictory beliefs and values behind them that we all to greater and lesser extents, have unintentionally placed in our minds. A coach empowers the client by resolving their internal conflicts in a way that is entirely congruent with their personality and important values. Coach Robin provides support & encouragement to all his team members to achieve the goals THEY have set for themselves.  

Have you got an effective game plan?

Coach Robin J Emdon works with you to:

  • Create your clear financial and marketing outcomes
  • Brainstorm all of the actions and outcomes you need to achieve in order to achieve your ultimate outcomes
  • Reverse engineer your success i.e. working backwards from your ultimate result to determine what you need to be doing on a daily basis to get there
  • Apply the 80/20 rule – i.e. what are the most effective 20% of the actions you can take that will move you towards 80% of your outcomes
  • Set up systems to create supportive accountability, measure daily progress and measure results


*NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) *NAC (Neuro-Associative Conditioning) – TM Anthony Robbins  

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