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Jack Cohen - Tesco

You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your A*se!

by Robin J Emdon
You can’t do business sitting on your a*se! Or YCDBSOYA – is an an acronym created by Jack Cohen, the Founder of the UK’s largest retailer, Tesco. Jack Cohen is an inspirational man! Son of Polish immigrant tailor, he lived in London and served in the first world war. He took his £30 demob money and purchased a market stall and stocked it with surplus army stock. Soon he had several market stalls, run by family members and he and his wife worked 7 days a week from dawn til late counting the takings. By 1931, he had moved from […]

How To Find Limitless Royalty Free Pictures – A Very Cool Tip!

by Robin J Emdon
If like me you are a regular blogger, you will know that pictures included in the blog greatly improve the attractiveness and readability of your blog. And no doubt, you have plenty of other uses for photographs on the web. The problem is, unless you have taken or created the pictures yourself you are most likely breaching copyright whenever you use someone else’s picture. Normally you have to PAY to legitimately use a picture and fees can vary considerably depending upon which stock photo library you use and which service you pay for. Of course you can use ‘free’ stock […]

Eufeeling – The Art of Creating inner Peace and Outer Prosperity

by Robin J Emdon
Will ‘Eufeeling’ be the classic must read book of the 21st century? Chances are… you haven’t heard of it (yet!) But having reviewed two 20th century giants of literary genius, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ (SOGR) and ‘Think & Grow Rich’ (TAGR), the question is what will be the classics of the 21st Century and for me ‘Eufeeling – The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity’ by Frank Kinslow, absolutely qualifies as one! Building upon the core themes established a century before by Wattles in SOGR and Hill in TAGR Kinslow takes his cue from other contemporary authors, […]

The Secret of Think and Grow Rich

by Robin J Emdon
What do you think ‘The Secret’ of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is? Is it the same as the secret revealed in Rhonda Byrne’s movie ‘The Secret’?  The Law of Attraction! Surprisingly…. NO, it isn’t! Over the years there have many reprints of Think and Grow Rich, but did you realise that the publishers methodically removed ‘The Secret’ from the 1960 2nd Edition and EVERY reprint thereafter. In total they removed around a 100 pages of the 1937 original classic and in truth, to some it is a hard read with old fashioned language and with racial and […]

The Science of Getting Rich

by Robin J Emdon
“Getting rich is the result of doing things in a certain way” says Wallace D. Wattles in his timeless (and still in print) classic. ‘The Science of Getting Rich’. Published over 100 years ago in 1910, only the very bravest of souls would dismiss this great work out of hand. This seminal work was the inspiration for Rhonda Byrne’s highly successful movie ‘The Secret’ and when I tell you that it has NEVER been out of print, hopefully you might sit up and smell the coffee! This is a book, if you haven’t already, you NEED to read! “There is […]

No Excuses! There’s Always a Way!

by Robin J Emdon
There really are No Excuses! – There’s ALWAYS a way! In this video Robin J Emdon explains how using this incredibly simple mindset tool, you can completely transform your life accomplishments! Never give in to mediocrity, when you have the opportunity every day to be even more extraordinary!  If you have enjoyed reading this article please leave your comment below. Remember, if you want change in your life…. The Change Begins With YOU!           Robin J Emdon Life Coach & AttractionMarketing Professional Skype: lifemaestro Email: [email protected] Read Me: Follow Me: Facebook LIKE Me: Hire Me: [email protected] […]

Let Go of The Haters and Losers – Fire Your Upline and Achieve Your Potential!

by Robin J Emdon
Leaders Are Created, They Are Not Born! It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed in the past or how much you’ve failed in the past. What matters is, are you ready to step up now and become a leader now?   Haters and Losers Experienced marketers will ALL tell you they have had more than their fair share of ‘haters’ and ‘losers’ giving them grief about whatever. To folks new to marketing, it’s always a shocker and it’s a big reason people quit before they realise it’s just a minor obstacle that is easily overcome. […]

What a Life Coach Can Do For You!

by Robin J Emdon
When you work with Life Coach Robin you have entered into a collaborative partnership. The synergy of coaching and client will spark your creative processes to add value at low cost. The support you get from Life Coach Robin maintains your momentum and you learn strategies to accelerate your success! As the client you set the focus and timescale of the coaching sessions. With coaching you have a success tool that gets you results faster and you work with your life coach to create the perfect life for you. Life Coach Robin encourages all his clients to create balance in […]

How To Lose Friends, Alienate People, Stay Broke, Bewildered and Befuddled!

Pssst… wanna know 10 REALLY easy steps on how to make big bucks in the network marketing industry, fast? Read on… 1)      Add dozens of random people you don’t know to  your ‘friends’ list on Facebook 2)      Do the same on Twitter 3)      Do the same on ALL other social media sites that you can find! 4)      Send them all the following message and variations of it (in fact post it absolutely everywhere you can think of!)… “Want to make $$$ fast and guaranteed! Check out this fantastic opportunity. It’s incredible and I’m so excited about it – you will […]

Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work and What To Do About It!

Let’s be honest, New Year Resolutions have a reputation for not working. However, SOME people do manage to keep their resolutions! Often through sheer willpower alone! Fortunately, there is a better way to make New Year Resolutions stick and in this article I will outline for you some very simple, but powerful methods for making your New Year Resolutions work… this time! Let’s take a common resolution… “I want to lose 12 pounds” To do this you’ve probably started a diet, joined a gym and maybe thought about up to a dozen other things you can do to lose that […]