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What a Life Coach Can Do For You!

by Robin J Emdon
When you work with Life Coach Robin you have entered into a collaborative partnership. The synergy of coaching and client will spark your creative processes to add value at low cost. The support you get from Life Coach Robin maintains your momentum and you learn strategies to accelerate your success! As the client you set the focus and timescale of the coaching sessions. With coaching you have a success tool that gets you results faster and you work with your life coach to create the perfect life for you. Life Coach Robin encourages all his clients to create balance in […]

How To Conquer Overwhelm!

by Robin J Emdon
As a Life Coach a challenge I come across again and again is ‘overwhelm’! Network marketers desperate to get their new business moving attend every company training they can get to. Their upline (if they’re any good) give their new recruits projects and tasks to complete. They want to learn everything about their product range, their compensation plan, their marketing plan. Then they get into online marketing and that’s when if it hasn’t already, the overwhelm really kicks in! Before not very long, the enthusiasm that got them fired up at the beginning begins to wane and feelings of inadequacy […]