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Jack Cohen - Tesco

You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your A*se!

by Robin J Emdon
You can’t do business sitting on your a*se! Or YCDBSOYA – is an an acronym created by Jack Cohen, the Founder of the UK’s largest retailer, Tesco. Jack Cohen is an inspirational man! Son of Polish immigrant tailor, he lived in London and served in the first world war. He took his £30 demob money and purchased a market stall and stocked it with surplus army stock. Soon he had several market stalls, run by family members and he and his wife worked 7 days a week from dawn til late counting the takings. By 1931, he had moved from […]

How To Lose Friends, Alienate People, Stay Broke, Bewildered and Befuddled!

Pssst… wanna know 10 REALLY easy steps on how to make big bucks in the network marketing industry, fast? Read on… 1)      Add dozens of random people you don’t know to  your ‘friends’ list on Facebook 2)      Do the same on Twitter 3)      Do the same on ALL other social media sites that you can find! 4)      Send them all the following message and variations of it (in fact post it absolutely everywhere you can think of!)… “Want to make $$$ fast and guaranteed! Check out this fantastic opportunity. It’s incredible and I’m so excited about it – you will […]

Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work and What To Do About It!

Let’s be honest, New Year Resolutions have a reputation for not working. However, SOME people do manage to keep their resolutions! Often through sheer willpower alone! Fortunately, there is a better way to make New Year Resolutions stick and in this article I will outline for you some very simple, but powerful methods for making your New Year Resolutions work… this time! Let’s take a common resolution… “I want to lose 12 pounds” To do this you’ve probably started a diet, joined a gym and maybe thought about up to a dozen other things you can do to lose that […]

Fact: 1 in 5 People Procrastinate Their Lives Away; So If You’re One of Them Stop Procrastinating Now!

I’m not making it up – that’s right, 20% of the population struggle with procrastination and would LOVE to stop procrastinating now! Typically, procrastinators are poorer than everyone else, less healthy than everyone else, less happy than everyone else and more depressed (because of their procrastination) than everyone else! And if you are an adult sufferer of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), then you’ll likely be one of the 94% of the people with ADHD who suffer from procrastination! Procrastinators tell themselves lies. That they are perfectionists who work best under pressure. That work done at the last-minute is their […]