Robin J Emdon Life Coaching

What Life Coaching Can Do For You


What is life coaching?

  • Life Coaching is a collaborative partnership
    • Use synergy to spark your creativity
      • Creativity is the most effective way to add value at low cost
  • Use support to maintain your momentum
    • Coaching provides the structure to keep going amidst chaos
  • Use strategies to accelerate your success
    • The coach is your personal and business strategist
    • Coaching is a professional service
  • You are working with a trained professional
    • Robin J Emdon trained as a Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer and as a Life Coach with “Father of the Coaching Industry” Anthony Robbins.
  • You set the focus
    • Robin works with you as a collaborative partner
  • You may start and stop when you wish
    • You are in charge
    • Life Coaching is a success tool
      • You hire a coach to achieve results faster
      • Coaching adds value and this value is measurable
  • You can use a life coach to master a skill set
    • Life Coaches also teach business and personal skills
  • You use a life coach to forward your life
    • Life Coaches work with you to design the perfect life for you

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