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Coaching Happens in 3 Steps

Step 1.

  • Select a significant goal
    • Values-based goals have the best chance of being reached

Step 2.

  • Design a strategy to achieve that goal
    • The right strategy helps you reach the goal in half the time

Step 3.

  • Get into action with a coaching partner
    • Action builds momentum; momentum carries you forward


You Work in 3 Key Areas

  • WHO you are...

    • Your special skills, gifts, talents and resources
  • WHAT you want...

    • Your personal, professional and business goals
  • HOW to get what you want...

    • The most progressive strategies and valuable skill sets.  

Work as you work best!

  • Coaching is done via the internet (Skype) or by phone

    • Usually via half-hour coaching sessions, weekly or twice monthly
  • Coaching typically runs 3 to 24 months

    • Results begin to occur immediately
  • Coaching fees typically run from $80 to $320 monthly

    • The fee includes the telephone sessions ($80 per session) and additional support  

How Can You Get the Most Out of Coaching?

Select the Right Coach For You

Step 1.

  • Share your No.1 goal or challenge

Ask yourself: “Is this coach hearing me properly?”

Step 2.

  • Ask the coach to share a strategy

Ask yourself  “Is this strategy something that fits for me?”

Step 3.

  • Ask the coach about themselves

Ask yourself: “Is this the coach I want to trust my goals to?”


Work Effectively With Your Coach

Set goals that stretch you

  • Coaching works best when there is a gap

Be open to trying new approaches

  • Your develop and evolve faster by experimenting continuously

Educate your coach how to coach you perfectly

  • Coaching is inter-developmental: your coach is your partner


Arrange Your Life for Success

Increase opportunities by simplifying

  • Reduce roles, projects, complexity, task, chores, expenses

Learn faster by crafting your environment

  • Put yourself among new people and ideas

Eliminate whatever is holding you back

  • Resolve tolerations, resistance, fears, lack, unmet needs

“It is in the moments of your decisions that your destiny is shaped” – Anthony Robbins

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