How To Find Limitless Royalty Free Pictures – A Very Cool Tip!

by Robin J Emdon

If like me you are a regular blogger, you will know that pictures included in the blog greatly improve the attractiveness and readability of your blog. And no doubt, you have plenty of other uses for photographs on the web. The problem is, unless you have taken or created the pictures yourself you are most likely breaching copyright whenever you use someone else’s picture. Normally you have to PAY to legitimately use a picture and fees can vary considerably depending upon which stock photo library you use and which service you pay for. Of course you can use ‘free’ stock photos, usually in exchange for attribution. However, the quality and range of these photos are typically not very good. And you have the chore of finding the right royalty free picture for your subject matter. It’s not uncommon to spend almost as much time trawling through stock royalty free library photos looking for something suitable, as you do actually writing the blog.

So, here is a VERY cool shortcut for finding royalty free pictures!

Just follow the extremely simple instructions in the enclosed video and you will discover an almost limitless supply of royalty free pictures, most of which will be highly relevant to your keyword and therefore your blog.

The Catch?

Well, really there isn’t one! It would be prudent to just check if attribution is still needed (often it is). But other than that, this little known method for finding royalty free pictures is really fast and typically all you need.

Remember, if you want change in your life….

The change begins with YOU!

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  • Paudie Callaghan

    Hi Robin, Wow what can I say, Great Video, Thanks for sharing this cool tip with us. Something I never knew and it is something that I will certainly be using from now on, Great value.

  • Cool tip Robin. One I didn’t know about. Great thing about life is you learn something every day, whether useful or useless, doesn’t matter always learn SOMETHING.
    Thanks mate.

  • Lisa

    Hello Robin,

    This is really good. I really appreciate what you have showed.

    I use pictures often as they do brighten up the blog posts. Now I will look further at the legalities of using the pictures in the right way.



    • Hi Lisa!

      Ah yes, you DO need to be careful! And don’t think they won’t find out – it’s not as hard to search by images as you might suppose!

      Best to keep things on the straight and narrow!


  • Hey Robin,

    Thanks for that cool tip. I actually found some photos I can use for a blog post I’ve been having a hard time finding a photo for. This is awesome.

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Liz!

      You are soo welcome! It is good isn’t it! LOL – Sometimes the keyword can bring up some real dross mind you, but think outside the box a bit and there’s plenty of alternatives!


  • Jon Patrick

    Fantastic! I appreciate this tip so much!
    I use Bing for most of my searches, and a nice feature they have is, right above the pictures, you have a “License” option and can filter right there! 🙂

    • Hey Jon,

      Ah yes, Bing – that Microsoft thingy! Right off my radar I’m afraid… but sounds like you have the same feature on there! Ideal! 🙂


  • Hello Robin..
    This is a great little tip. Been using this for a while. Your right the pickens are not great but every once and a while I find something.. wonderful to visit your blog! LOVE the captcha!

    • Hi Lesly,

      Yes, not always great – however, if you are a little bit imaginative with your keyword search, you can find some gems and it does hammer home the point, that unless you PAY a stock library for their pictures, you are on very dodgy ground if you just ‘borrow’ a picture from anywhere!


  • I am also worried about copyright information but using google search it will be easier now. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lisa

    Cool tip, thanks! You can also use Bing image search. They have a thing where you can search filter via “license” of the image, it’s very useful. Another thing is that you don’t have to pay for Adobe Photoshop, there are free image softwares that are available. I use

  • Many thanks Robin! this blog of yours is a life saver! I have just started a blog but never could add images because I did not know the method to find the royalty free images. This is really very simple method, though quality may not be great but still will solve my purpose.

    • Robin J Emdon

      You’re so welcome Ron. Yes. the quality isn’t always great. But it can be a real time-saver and there’s always the option to purchase stock photos if quality is important. It’s tempting to go for quantity over quality when it comes to writing a blog too. I would advise against that these days. Better to spend time crafting a well researched and laid out blog; then a stock photo might be just what you need to polish the blog to a higher standard. Royalty free photos are great on a budget and/or time constraint. But if your blogs are more likely to become authoritative articles on your niche, it’s worth spending some time and money on them.

  • karanjit

    Hey their,
    that was really a nice article, i have just started a blogging so i don’t know too much about it. Your article would be very helpful for me
    I have one question if an image is without and name or tag written on it to specify the name of website where it is from, is it still copyrighted please reply
    Thanks in advance
    Happy blogging

    • Robin J Emdon

      Yes, always assume that a picture is copyright unless there is specific and clear information that it isn’t. Just because someone else has used it without permission or the original creator hasn’t explicitly stated its copyright, does NOT mean you can use it without permission. With reverse image searching becoming increasingly easy to do, it’s relatively easy for you to trace the original creator of the image. More to the point, it’s just as easy for them to discover you are using their image without their permission.

  • Being a blogger ,it is always important to find good pictures for your post.I use pixabay and some site to get royalty free images.
    The method you just shown is new to to me and useful
    Thank you

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