How To Lose Friends, Alienate People, Stay Broke, Bewildered and Befuddled!

Pssst… wanna know 10 REALLY easy steps on how to make big bucks in the network marketing industry, fast?

Read on…

1)      Add dozens of random people you don’t know to  your ‘friends’ list on Facebook

2)      Do the same on Twitter

3)      Do the same on ALL other social media sites that you can find!

4)      Send them all the following message and variations of it (in fact post it absolutely everywhere you can think of!)…

“Want to make $$$ fast and guaranteed! Check out this fantastic opportunity. It’s incredible and I’m so excited about it – you will be too! {put your business opportunity link here}

5)      If they respond asking you “what is it?” or ANYTHING else, reply…

“It’s all explained here {put your business opportunity link here} – Go take a look now! It’s amazing! Honest!”

6)      If they keep asking questions… keep on at them about “how great it is” and how they “should really take a look NOW!”

7)      Under NO circumstances should you WASTE YOUR TIME getting chatty or heaven forbid… ‘building a relationship’ (rolls eyes) with anyone who won’t look (Pah!). Either they will look at your business opportunity or they won’t!

Obviously, once they have – those that come back saying they are interested – that’s ok – you can talk to them! But the rest…

  • Keep sending them reminders to click on your link! (Always enclose it – in case they’ve lost it!) and just remind them how excited you are and how much you know they will love it!

8)      Remember – let the presentation do the work! It’s made by successful professionals who know exactly what they are doing – this must be true because they tell you they are and they are very, very rich!

9)      Learn to LOVE the kickbacks!

  • If facebook/twitter ban you – get a new email address and open a new account
    • If you can’t get a new account – don’t worry – plenty of other sites!
  • If people are abusive to you – that’s GREAT! – They don’t know you – it’s NOT personal and it’s just part of the job! But above all, it proves your message is getting through! At least they are reading it! Whoot!
  • Every “No!” Just means – “No, not now!” – Just keep nagging, pitching, harassing and persuading them – until they either join your business or ‘block’ you!

10)   Finally, don’t worry if they ‘un-friend’ you – its’ a “numbers game!” – Some will, some won’t, so frigging what! Just keep going!!! (PLENTY more fish in the sea!)

And that is my top ten tips for alienating people, losing friends and staying broke, bewildered and befuddled!

Good Luck!!

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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  • NettieMae

    Oh Robin – how very very true. I think the comments could be extended to include blogs as well as social sites. It’s sad to think how many people just don’t “Get It” 🙁

    • Robin J

      It’s sad and exciting at the same time. Thankfully some of us know how to change their approach – if we can get them to listen! Obviously. Thanks for your valued feedback Nettie Mae! ~Robin~

  • Hello Robin, I really enjoyed reading this post and I’ll be commenting on more shortly because I like the way you get your points across. Keep it up! : )

    I’ll see you at the Next Big Event!

    Go! Go! Go!

    • Robin J

      Cheers Jeffrey! I value and appreciate your kind words! ~Robin~

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